Wednesday, September 4, 2013

This Is Us

I have something to confess, yes, I'm an one directioner!

Being a huge fan, I wouldn't miss the 1D This Is Us 3D movie. Though it wasn't that good as the Katy Perry movie but I had a good time watching it and it was inspirational too!

If you didn't know, if wasn't Simon Cowell, there would be no One Direction today.

Apparently,the lads joint the X Factor reality series in UK back in 2010. They had the audition individually but they didn't make the cut when it came to the boys selection.

However, it was Simon who grouped Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis together and made them into an entity in the competition. That is how one direction came about.

They didn't win the competition but the fans went crazy over them and the rest is history.

From no one (actually, Harry was a baker boy initially) to international stardom; how twist of fate could change one's life.

Reflecting my life right now, well, not to say perfect but I'm contented. I know life is in palm of your hands but sometimes we need divine intervention to lead the way.

Like recently, I quit my job without any offers backing me up. I wasn't scared because I had the faith. I asked Lord -"please grant me a job". And my prayers had been answered and not only I've got the offer but the offer is from the agency that I really look forward to.

Even my tertiary education - I wasn't born rich so I had to rely on public universities but our sad education system  put me into some unknown uni. 

So I applied partial scholarship from Taylor's . But it was two days too late to submit, so I had to wait another sem in another year. But praise The Lord, I received the sweetest phone call amidst the disappointment.

"Alvin, the (some big shot) will be in Ipoh doing roadshow, you can pass to him directly and expedite the process and put you in the sem which will be commenced next month" Taylor's 

And I've got my partial scholarship to study PR  and now I'm a PR practitioner in a MNC agency.

Sometimes, you think it's over but it's not. It's not the end for you.What over is the path that you are traveling and subsequently you have to move to the next path. I believe if you have the faith, I believe the next path will be a blissful one.

P/S : I know I sound bimbo here but Zayn Malik is my favorite member of One Direction. He's so cute and so sweet! Well, he came from a single parent family and when he successfully earned his first gold from 1D, he fulfilled his promise to his family and bought his mom a brand new house. Aww....

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