Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bad Romance Indeed

Trust me, when it comes to romance, i think I'll be the bottom two in the list since i'm nowhere to be a romantic person.

I actually do admire my friends who could give an abundance of romantic moments to their partners. Unlike me, so mundane - dinner, movie or just spend the night watching The Simpsons marathon. Or the best i could do is hide those little gifts and let him discover it in a unsuspecting manner. Really, i think my relationship need romance to spice up a bit.

Maybe i should buy him flower? A box of chocolate? Or maybe a candle-lit dinner? Or doing some origami which i suck at it?

Talking about origami, my close friend's partner just did origami-roses for him - it was really sweet but no way im gonna learn origami, i don't even know how to fold a paper plane!

Romance for me is quite diverse actually. Aside from shouting "Ride me like a horse"on the bed Spending the holiday in Disneyland, listening to the oldies, having good food in a quiet restaurant with nice ambiance, watching the planes taking off and landing or do something that could reminisce my childhood will be good enough to call it "romance".

You see, one good thing about my partner is that he believes that physical gifts does not define romance but the quality time spent together matters the most for both of us.

But still i think i need something to spice up before our relationship becomes a routine.

Well, i thought of vacation with him but he's rather busy so can't go far - so i thought of some beaches in Malaysia but it's a big no since as he claims that it's hot and the sand could go to his eyes. Seriously, aside from beaches, I can't think of any romantic escapade. And I'm very lazy to drive.

Bad romance indeed huh? Nevertheless, bad romance or good romance, nothing gonna change my love for him.

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