Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What? You're Gay?

You know it's really exciting everytime i open up and confess that I'm gay to my friends or whosoever. Who am i kidding? I guess needless for me to tell everyone I'm gay. It's so obvious that the word GAY is written on my forehead.

Anyhoo, what is the first reaction when you tell your friends that you're gay or what is the first thing they will say when they know that you're living in an alternative lifestyle? My case is pretty fascinating actually, let me share with you some of the reactions I received thus far:

Are you Top or Bottom?
This is a very common question that they will pop up. I guess you share the same sentiment with me right? I always play it safe and tell them I'm versatile, I'm good in both ways. And they will like "Save it, you're fuckin bottom". Seriously, I'm versatile!

It's rather ludicrous that in the eyes of a straight man/woman, sex is most important element for gay folks. Really, they categorize us according to our sexual position. I was wondering it would be okay if I asked those straight men/women; you perform penile penetration or you get penetrated? lol

Do you have a partner? How many ex(s) you have?

Yes, i do have a partner currently and he is my 45th partner. Yes, you can call me primadonna. Pity those gay folks - those straight people are so concerned about us that we couldn't live on our own..tsk tsk tsk...

When did you realize that you're gay? 

This question is bit tricky coz they wouldn't believe me that I'm naturally born gay. I know some gay folks become who they are today driven by the heartbreaks by the ex-girlfriends but ain't for me. Being gay for me is a gift and i'm very proud of it. I'm that special.

When did you come out from the closet?

Do we look like Narnia kids to you? Seriously, we don't live in the closet, we live comfortably in a place called house/home. It's really unfair that being yourself is labelled 'out from the closet' - what about those straight men? "Hey, i'm straight, i just came out from the closet too! yay!" and why this line sounds strange to you?

Do your parents know?

I really do envy my friends that their parents know about it and they even bring  their partner back home to meet the parents. My parents don't know about it though i believe they are suspecting. But oh well, it's still my dirty little secret since i'm not ready yet.


  1. oh honey, you are a cute bottom. there's nothing wrong with that! :-)