Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dare You to Move

Now I'm little bit regret for posting my new profile photo in Facebook. Everyone commented that I'm fat. Well, i do admit that I've gained weight on my face and my tummy but other parts of my body still remain the same okay.

I know fatso has no room for the gay community but i don't really care coz there is someone who loves for who i am. But then again, i should not take my size for granted as fat is ain't good for health. I should make more movement as in more exercise or gym (though I've been saying this for past years) to get my body in a good shape.

Not only exercise, i think i should make more movements in other areas of my life - i think my life lately (or past few years) has been stagnant and it's rather a routine for me. So mundane!

Don't get me wrong, my relationship with my baby boo is fine, he is not the reason for my mundane life - matter of fact he is the reason for my happiness. Just that  my relationship needs to be spiced up a little - relationship can't be a routine, otherwise it will be lethal. I'm really amazed how people could stay in relationship for so long. Just last weekend, I attended my both ex-classmates' wedding - my gosh, they had been in courtship for 10 years ever since high school and seeing them walking down the aisle - it was just awwww....

Relationship is one area of my life (which i hope it will have an happily ever after - really wish i could invite you to the very first gay wedding in your entire life), there other areas of my life that i believe need a leap or a little push particularly in career. Don't speculate; when the time comes, it will be and July is my favourite month :)

Really, complacent is my favourite word and it's also my obstruction. I get satisfied easily which deters me to get a little further or take the challenges to break every norm of me. I really should take the plunge to see whether it's a solid ground below or a hand to hold..

Before i end my post, since it's World Cup fever (my mother would be very proud of me for talking about football -for once, my son is straight!! It's a miracle!! My son is watching football!) , my favourite team is Netherlands but i do hope France will win :P. For the record, i watch footballers not football.

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  1. hmm..wanna spice things up? how about threesome or foursome? you in?