Sunday, June 1, 2014

Call me Fatso

Ok, I've to admit now that I've gained weight significantly. It's pretty obvious that my face is getting rounder and my tummy is like a winter melon now.

I'm wondering what my life would be if i were a fatso?

I have a strong feeling that my self-esteem will be the hardest hit. Come on, I'm such a vain person, definitely I will be very sensitive on how people view me - I can't take any criticism of any inch of my body. There will be no more nice clothes for me. Talking about this, to be honest, lately I have slight problems to fit in my shirts and pants. Aside from breathing difficulty, I feel like I'm a Hulk that rip the shirt/pant off easily. Green Hulk is too straight - maybe a Pink Hulk.

What you want me to do? I've been living sedentary lifestyle for my entire life and I'm kinda homophobic to step into gym and i love to eat! I've been eating moderately but the things that I consume is either fried or laden with sugar or combination of both. It's true, all the sumptuous food in the world is not that health-friendly and it's simply irresistible!! Come on, eating is the greatest pleasure aside from sex and sleeping - it's like orgasm on my taste buds.

On another note, i really feel pity for those gay folks who have a pleasant look and sizzling body but they still feel insecure. I came across this dude who posted his shirtless pix and his caption stated "why no handsome people want to be friend with me?" (though he garnered more than 300 likes for that picture) - Shallow-minded ain't he? Seriously, if people befriended you for your look or your body, they are not you friends - they are just opportunists to use you to make themselves noticeable by others.

I don't deny that nice body is an asset to build self-confidence but outer layer is not the absolute way to build self-confidence. Thought it sounds cliche but the beauty and self-confidence are really come from within. You wouldn't eat a shrimp based on the taste of its outer layer shell right? You have to peel the shell off to get the true taste of a shrimp (see I'm talking about food again). Talking about shrimps, don't you think most of the hot gay guys you see out there are like shrimps - got body but no brain lol....

So before i end my note, if i ever turn fat, I wonder my baby boo
still sings this song to me?


  1. chubby with a cute face is still adorable, at least you're not short, balding, ugly and gay like me. now that's a fucking curse. if i'm straight i don't mind being short, balding and ugly, but oh no, i just have to be gay. life sucks.

  2. Hi , do u have an email add?

    1. Hi...u want to have my email add for?

  3. @anon1 - euwww!!!! short, gay and balding some more?? euwww!! gross!! no wonder your life sucks! geez, i wonder which poor fag would wanna sleep with you. gross! i bet everyday you look into the mirror and feel like wanna die, why don't you just drop dead?? euwww!!