Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Note for Interviewee

For the first timers who are going for job interview, I bet that you will Google search those job interview dos and don'ts. Well, it may useful for you but if you have years of experience, do you still that tips?

Really, if you have the experience, trust me, there are only three things you need to explain to your interviewee, your experience,  your job scope and your expected salary. That's it.

I'm not bragging but praise The Lord that I was given so many opportunities throughout the job hunting period. Some I applied myself and some through head hunters. And I'm really humble that big names in IT industry (Apple's arch rival)and media industry approached me. 

There are load of interview tips for candidates out there but have you read any single tip from the candidates for the interviewees? I think i had been enduring more than 10 interviews, let me share what interviewees should take notes so the interview will proceed smoothly.

READ and RE-READ the resume 

So I was invited to this interview, the brand is very popular with its laptops and performed poorly in its smartphone segment (it starts with A and second and last letter in four letters word is the same). 

I did an IQ test during the interview, I think I did fairly good. Then proceed to the interview, suddenly, the interviewee dropped the bombshell "you know we are looking someone who knows how to write and read Chinese- even the people here speak in mandarin". WTF, I felt like she was wasting my time and I wanted to give my knuckle to her face. Bitch, in my résumé I explicitly stated "write Chinese 0 and read Chinese 0". 

Sad right, Chinese looking down on Chinese. I'm not sure it was just coincidence or this A brand is a plain racist company. Few months back, I accompanied my friend, who is not my race, to get a laptop at its dealer in mid valley. So my friend paid with his Big debit card, and apparently, the dealer didn't want to swipe his card and requested cash instead as something wrong with the system. Strange, few hours ago can swipe through and suddenly system down. Was it due to my friend  from different race and didn't trust him that he was the cardholder?

Bring Your HR along

I admire some of my interviewees brought their HR counterpart along as the staff benefits and even salary will be under HR judiciary so the interview won't be left hanging with void of info. Unless, the person is all rounded on the policy of the company.Maybe lack of collaboration between HR, I heard this phrase several times " you can check with HR but HR person is not here".

Prepare a list of questions 

Come on, people applied leave for an interview,don't waste time to think what to ask next. Really, there was an interview with two interviewees and they didn't have a strong structure or approach on what to ask. So there were uncomfortable cricket moments until I had to break the ice and ask questions.

We have work to do 

"Mr Alvin, I just received your résumé. Can you come for an interview with us tomorrow" . 

We can't simply take emergency leave the next day and abandon our work just to attend interview. Why not give us a week or two to arrange?
Before I end this entry, I would like to congratulate for those who decided to venture for a new job and quitting the current one. Quitting your job doesn't mean that you are loser (in the context you have been working with same company more than a year) but you have realized that there are platforms out there for you to achieve your career goal. And of course, you have realized what you want to do in life and what you love to do. Sacrifices are inevitable but for the sake of your career goal, why not?

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