Thursday, August 15, 2013

Attached is passé

I think I should take a breather from my job hunting. Really, it does consume me a lot and  im very tired. Yes, I don't have any offer yet but as my last day approaching with my current company,surprisingly, I'm not afraid at all. I think I know what i want next.

Anyway, job sick thing aside, when I was in Ipoh over the weekend, my gay friend asked me whether when I wanna settle down. It seems that he is very worried about my singlehood. And I'm not young anymore and it's time to settle down, that's what he said.

Well, he is happily attached and I don't deny that having a lover is a blissful thing. But seriously, my poor friend of mine is getting out of touch on the current me.

Look, I'm fine to have a status as single and im happy with it. You know why? I have so much privacy and I could do whatever I want without reporting to anyone. Being said that do whatever I want, it does include of fling around -decently and safely of course.

Really, I'm still young and I want to play some more. Getting attached and settle down is really passé for me. 

Reminisce of those college days, gosh, I was such a desperado looking for a partner but as I grow older, I can handle things on my own and I'm one helluva independent diva. 

Unless, there is someone out there that catches my attention and he has all the love in the world, who can make me open up and who can make me change my mind and switch my principal from being the Taylor  Swift of PJ, I mean the boy who knows how to have fun around to a decent, homey and loving boyfriend. 

Though I'm currently busy looking for  job  but to be honest with you, I think I still can't let go of someone. I'm such a loser until he becomes the benchmark or a dipstick for me to compare with others. Sadly, no one can compare with him.

I'm wondering what he is doing now. For me, I'm just surrounded with four lonely corners of the wall writing this lonely entry and thinking of him.

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