Thursday, August 22, 2013

From Meow To Roar

Three years ago, few days before Christmas to be precise, I stepped into the public relations industry.

Totally with zero experience in this industry, it was really a struggle for me at the beginning of my career. I didn't even have the experience to draft a press release that not only catered for my clients but for the media as well.

But time flies, I have been in this industry for three years plus now, so it's safe to say I have the fundamental of pr skills and thank god that I have built a good rapport relationship both with my clients and the media. 

For those who want to venture in this industry, let me tell you this, it ain't easy. There will be no 9-6 pm and though you may have your weekend but most of my weekend I spend with my work at home so the next working week won't be loaded. Multitasking skills are tested, stress level is sky high and expectation is high. 

I know I scare you off from the paragraph above but if you have the passion for public relations, I'm sure you will enjoy it . Trust me, whenever you see the coverage, you will love the satisfaction.

If you didn't know, 23 of August was my last day at my workplace. If you follow my blog religiously, you know that I quit without a offer. I know it was a risky decision so kids please really think twice if you really wanna quit without any offer.

So aimlessly and without any sense of direction, I was lost in my career path. This little kitten was straying in the corporate street looking for a decent job. Only equipped with experience and faith,one by one, this little kitten did its interview across different companies and
agencies but there was no feedback. 

However ,this little kitten is set to change from meow to loud roar! 

Yes, I have an offer. So let me take two weeks break. I shall return in PR industry very soon with a roar!

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