Friday, August 9, 2013

Captain, Fly Me Away

Before anything else, i would like to take this opportunity to wish my Muslim friends - Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin.

Since it was a long Raya break, i went back to my hometown. Lonely and despair, i found out that my Ipoh friends had gone to KL! They abandoned me in Ipoh literally. Yes, this is an ominous message for leaving me alone in Ipoh!

I should have gone for holidays- a self traveling per se coz i really need time and space for soul searching after i made a risky decision to tender my resignation. But alas, I could not simply spend for now coz for time being, i don't have any offer yet.

So i switched on Astro On Demand and catch the TVB hit drama Triumph In The Skies II. Do you like the show?

For me, it's just somewhat. Don't you think it's rather draggy and boring?

But no doubt, i love the London and Paris scenes in the drama. It's so melodrama - laden with heritage buildings filled with the essence of excitement and mystery that associated with romance. It is so captivating that it is calling me to get over there immediately. Well, fingers crossed - someday soon.

Okay, forget about decency here and you can expect hell lot of indecency in blog - let me ask you this - do the pilots/cadets in Triumph In The Skies II turn you on? If yes, which pilot that you wish to fly you to the moon and play among the stars with you?

I'm sure most of you would want to on board the plane flown by Captain Cool (Chi Lam). Yeah, no doubt he's good looking but if you pay more attention, other co-pilots are also fair equally. No, i'm not talking about Kenneth Mah nor Ron Ng.

Personally, if i ever had the chance to date any co-pilots from Scarlet Airline, it will be Tucker (William Chak) and Coco's boyfriend Nick (Hugo Wong). No idea who they are? Let me ring your bell.
Tucker, co-pilot. Apparently, he is the Mr Hong Kong 2007. With the Mr Hong Kong title, you will have the idea how hot his body is (pix credit from triumphintheskiessequesls.blogspot)

Coco's boyfriend Nick played by Hugo Wong
They are cute right, aren't they?

I know it sounds bimbo and naive but wouldn't be nice if you have a pilot boyfriend. With his uniform on and fly you around. Every places that you want to go will be his destination. Travelling every corner of the Earth. Even picking him up after work will be such an honour - look, i'm driving my boyfriend home who flew a plane moment ago...awww..

Sweet as it sounds but back to the harsh reality, the fairy tale doesn't exist. If you ever think that you could date a hot pilot or captain, you fantasize too much, actually I fantasize too much.

Nevertheless, it's getting late now, i think i should hit the sack. Perhaps, the theme song from Triumph In The Skies I by Eason Chan will be my lullaby tonight. And perhaps, i will meet my future partner at airport my dream..lolz. I love airport a lot as it is the place where we bid farewell at the departure hall and welcoming to a new beginning at the arrival hall. Like life, sometimes, we have to let go and say goodbye and welcome the new journey of life.

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