Monday, August 19, 2013

Those Sei Gay Lou

Whenever I see those gay people at a dining place, I'll ask myself "Do I look like them, am I a sei gay lou too?".

Sei Gay lou is a derogatory term in Chinese to be labeled upon the gay people or English we call it "faggot". I always distinguish myself as "gay lou" ( gay man) and not a sei gay lou. I always joke with my straight friends with my favourite line "i hate those sei gay lou" -  but to be honest, i don't really hate them but they irk me sometimes. 

Well, they have the right to express themselves but i also have the right to express my thoughts in my blog too. So what constitutes a sei gay lou? If you think you posses one or few or all of traits below, then you are "jing jung sei gay lou" (original faggot) lol. Please don't shoot me if you see me on the street.

Here is my top list to illustrate some of the traits of super gay people.

Revealing clothing

Do you remember the lame guideline that gay men like to wear deep V-Neck? V-Neck is a thing of the past now. Ladies and gentlemen, i present you tits-friendly-singlet aka wrestling singlet - its strap is just few millimetre in length and it's just adequate to cover the tits. I came across few gay wearing those clothes, my gosh, it's like tetek terlondeh (over-expose tits). Maybe i'm an old school person when it comes to fashion, but really, showing your tits at the public places at shopping mall is really disgusting. To make matter worse, if you have a pair of big black tits, please don't wear singlet. It's like you never wash your tits for your whole life. 

If you have hot body like them and attractive groin, please wear it more often...(pix :

Human Rebounding Ball

Please, get your mind out of gutter, i'm not referring those balls. My acquaintance was super duper emo coz he broke up with his boyfriend. It was like end of the world for him. A week after, he was attached with someone else. then, broke up again, then hook up with someone else. Well, i don't think all the gay people are like that right? I thought we share the same chorus with Kelly Clarkson - "It doesn't kill you to make you stronger"? I'm very sorry for this acquaintance of mine for being such a loser/love whore. I believe most of the sei gay lou are love deprived and couldn't live being single. Why don't they love themselves more? I believe when you start to love yourself more people will pay attention to you coz the amount of love you shower upon yourself will denote the amount of love you show to your lover.

Being An Attention Seeker Gym Rat

I have to be careful with this as many of my gay friends hit the gym but trust me they are fine decent gay men, sophisticated gay men i would say. I'm referring to those gay people who always need to shout to the world that they hitting to the gym. I don't get it - too excited or looking forward for luscious fun in the shower room? If one fine day, i hit the gym, i wonder i will make a big shout-out too - "Hey diva is going to gym now, please be ready in your respective cubicles" - anyway, let's go the the next point.

Bare Semi-naked

Actually, i shouldn't be too harsh on those sei gay lou but since this is my blog, i don't really care. Those sei gay lou must be very poor until couldn't afford a shirt to cover their body. Well, it is pleasant experience for me to see them shirtless, well, some of them are really hot but maybe i'm too conservative, but the more you showing off your skin, the cheaper you are. It's like hookers on sales - not on sales, more like free intangible sex services through the eyes of the beholder.Talking about shirtless men, have you checked out this month issue of New Icon's Hottest Hunk 2013/2014?

Can you spot the straight men?

Well, they look good and hot with their luscious body. I attended the final before and my gosh, it was like Hottest Dumb Blonde. It was such a waste to have such a fine hot body without any brain. Precisely, it was like a bunch of shrimps on the stage (Shrimps = you eat the shrimp's body but not its head right?). On the other hand, i attended CLEO's The Most Eligible Bachelor before for several times. And Oh Dear Lord! They were so fine, sophisticated, smart, humorous and they turned me on to say the least. Weird right, not interested to a parade of shirtless hunks on the stage but turned on by fully-clothed men. Maybe i like smart men more over th
e hot body or maybe i like men who speak English eloquently - i don't know.

Topic: Men

Have you been in a situation which your gay friend who always talk about men 24/7? Yes, i have. I know it's fun to bitch about men but don't over do it. It's like you are whoring for men all the time. You know i have a friend whose topic revolves around men only that encompasses, what he does for living, where he hit the gym, where he lives and he knows all the gay men in Malaysia. If he isn't talk about men with me, he will start conversation with men in those gay app, you know Jack D/ Grinder. Why can't we talk about life or politics or work?

I know i have offended many gay out there after this entry. I'm sorry, no harm alright? I just elucidate my view on current gay trend =)

P/S: I wanted to write sei gay lou likes to go to Bangkok but better don't or else i will be punished vehemently by my close friends - i wanna go there too!