Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Bowie: Music, Art and Fashion Icon

On first day of this year, we lost beloved daughter of the legendary Nat King Cole. Never knew, ten days after, we lost another beloved and a legend in entertainment industry.

David Bowie died today after lost his battle against cancer. He was 69.

Bowie has redefined glam in glam rock. This rock n roll chameleon was a lot more than just outrageous make-up and glittery clothes. His persona and his genius in music had inspired many artistes yesteryears and today.

LGBT community especially gay men has every reason to mourn for this loss. He was among the first artiste who came out as gay. It was 1972, after five years Britain decriminalized homosexuality.

Elton John and Freddie Mercury were still in the closet. Meanwhile Boy George and George Michael were still at school during his time. He was among the first to defy gender boundaries, subverting everything that men were supposed to be with his characters and costumes.

He was labeled as "gender bender". He has always been an icon for all of us who felt straitjacketed by having to be straight or acting like a man by conforming to any imposed definition of gender or sexual orientation. He was the one who inspired us to  defy this imposed definition and be comfortable with ourselves no matter how people judge us.

I guess David Bowie will stage a rock concert with Freddie Mercury in heaven soon. Rest in peace for both legends.

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