Monday, January 18, 2016

Wow! Nobody Cares

I have to admit here that I put considerable amount of weight. Metabolism is all I have to blame.

Back in those days, I had no limitation when it comes to eating. Fried chicken skin, grilled fish, fried chicken and ice cream were some of my favourite supper back in college time. Don't even mention what I have for supper now - most of the time is just plain skim milk.

I no longer have that V-shaped face nor the skinny body. It's all over the place now, as in physically.

So will gym be my last resort to maintain my general well being?

Looks like it. If i hit the gym, it will be like a reality TV series, I believe I would be super bimbo there.

If I ever manage to have sizzling body (say like Justin Bieber), should I flash it all over Facebook? I cannot comprehend those gay folks showing off the bodies in Facebook. I know it is sort of achievement but the other hand, for me, those people are worthless. The only thing worthy of them is their bodies.

Maybe their parents didn't pay much attention to them when they were young. So they need to show off their bodies like vagrants for attention when they grow up (gay bash alert). I must say that I'm really fascinated by their postings. How did they learn to say "I want attention" with so many different captions with just one body.

If they didn't have those sexy body, will people pay attention to them and click 'like' in Facebook? I doubt so.

Oh well, gay community is that superficial.

To be honest, I would not date a guy who likes to show off his body in Facebook. I know it sounds harsh but it looks very dirty for me as if they didn't shower for days. And why on Earth I will let my lover's body to be shown to other people, his body only applies to my exclusivity.

I would prefer my partner to have the brain rather than the body - as the saying goes, beauty gets the attention, personality gets the heart.

You see brain is a gift and it's irreplaceable whereas we can train ourselves to have a sexy body- you and I can do it, so it's not that precious actually, pretty common i would say. I would prefer someone who is smart and witty and that it would be perfect.

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