Saturday, January 23, 2016

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Yupe, today is my birthday. It's not regular birthday but it's a significant one since my age has reached a significant number. If I ever have a second cycle of that number, I'll be an old man actually.

As today I celebrate this significant age of mine, inevitably, I will recall those days when we were young. Sun always shining and we lived for fun back then. Bad things in life were so few as I recalled.

Nevertheless, as we grow older, those careless sunny days seem pretty hard to come by. As we slowly and swiftly fly away from our parental care, days are becoming more challenging. But then again, no matter how challenging the days ahead of us, look, I'm still writing this entry at this significant age.

You see, life is like an arrow and a bow. An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it's going to launch you into something great. So just stay focus and keep aiming. You will nail it.

Anyway, I always imagine myself what I would be when I turn to this significant age even when I was a kid.

Back in primary, when Spice Girls was phenomenon (big fan here) - still remember those silly short essay to tell your ambition? Pilot or doctor would always be my answer. I was so innocent to follow the flow. Come on, be honest with me, as if you never wrote pilot, doctor, lawyer or engineer as your ambition when you were small. Then, my ambition took a drastic turn when I left primary school.

After I removed my innocence a little during my junior high, I thought I would be a doctor at this age. I had this heart and kindness to help people around me. Aside from that, it looks pretty cool to walk around with white robe and stethoscope.

I took science for my senior high since I wanted to pursue my ambition to become a doctor. As indulged myself with facts and facts and facts, I felt that my horizon and my thinking were confined with the perimeter of facts. I just fed in all the facts into my brain just to pass the exam. I was lost. I knew science wasn't the thing for me since it would limit my creativity and my ability to think forward.

So I took Public Relations. Say what?!

Yes, I took mass communication and major in PR. It was surprise for me also since I'm rather quiet person but I knew I had the passion to communicate my ideas to the masses. And today, at this significant age, I would say I did quite well. No accolades needed because I have achieved so much and I'm contented thus far. Since most of my friends don't know what PR is all about, even I also don't know how to tell my parents what it's all about, so I never share out my achievements since they don't understand.

Come to think of it, I'm not rich nor have the jaw dropping look but at least I'm quite contented with my life right now. I know gay folks like to boost of what they have and their sexy figures but hey, I'm Alvin. Take it or leave it. I don't care what you think about me since I don't think about other people at all. As I've grown into being me, I've learned to become kinder and less judgemental of myself. I've become more comfortable with my own skin really.

I know at this age I should settle down. Well, I thought about it few years back and I thought I really found that special one but it didn't happen. Yes, I'm single. I know back in those days I was like a desperado,  followed my feelings blindly and hooked up with my exes. I was very childish indeed.

As I've grown, I learned that feelings could be an infatuation, it could be misleading. I know feelings are important but since it's about love of my life, I guess I shouldn't rush for one. Come what may. For now, the person that I love is myself.

My gosh, this entry is so long but who cares since nobody reads it. Alright, let me give my acceptance speech here to wrap up my entry:

"Thank you, Academy. I would like express my  gratitude to my both parents who sacrificed so much to raise me up. I would like to thank my friends for their supports and of course the laughter that we shared. Thank you"

It will be cliche to end my entry with a birthday song right? Let me share a beautiful song with you, These Are the Days of Our Lives by Queen. This song really describes my feeling on this very special day. And of course, Happy Birthday to Me!

P/S: This is the last video of Freddie Mercury before he passed away due to AIDS. When he said "I still love you" in the end of this video, he really meant it.

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