Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's My Birthday

Clear blue sky on my birthday-a great omen
Words seem to be futile to express my gratitude for my close friends who made a series of birthday celebrations to be so memorable.

As expected, most of the people dropped me this question; how do you feel right now as you have hit the significant age?

To be honest, I feel nothing. I didn't grow an inch taller nor I had third nipple on my body. I'm still me. But I can't deny that when hit adulthood or commonly known as golden age, you feel tired easily. Not only physically tired but you look tired as well. You feel the radiant youth just vanished from your face.

Nevertheless, as you hit this significant age, you will realize that you are very mature in thinking. Your mind is open up to take concrete criticism. You will learn how to distinguish between good and bad. You will also learn who are the people that meant to be kept in your life.

Alright, done with my intro, let me walk you through of my birthday celebration.

The million dollar question here is who was the person that celebrate my actual birthday with me? Let the person shrouded in mystery alright. I really had wonderful night.

We went up to Marini's on 57. I have to admit that I'm a kampung boy, it was my first time. I always had this perception that the restaurant and lounge were meant for the upper class, not the low class boy like me. So it was nice experience to have someone to usher you to the lift. I felt like a living diva for that particular moment.

My breath was taken away by the awe-inspiring view of Petronas Twin Towers with Kuala Lumpur city in its background. I just literally sat there without a word for like half an hour just to enjoy magnificent view.

Marini's on 57 - Kuala Lumpur's highest rooftop bar, Italian restaurant and whiskey & cigar lounge

Tower shining gold as the sun went down

 Marini's On 57 features floor to ceiling glass and surpasses views of Kuala Lumpur

Enjoy every sunset

My birthday celebration continued at Troika Sky Dining. Set in Tower B of The Troika along PErsiaran KLCC, it comprises two dining venues and a bar: fusion-focused Cataloupe, Italian bistro Strato and Claret wine bar. And we chose Strato.
Strato's landmark spiral staircase
My birthday meal: Spaghetti, pesto, bottarga and mascarpone cheese!
And of course, my birthday cake. Obviously from Starbucks

The next day of my birthday, me and my bud went to Pulau Ketam in search of Mr Krab's Krabby Patties. Nah, since it was a long weekend, we had a short road trip over there. I'll write my Pulau Ketam escapade in the next entry alright.

The next next next day of my birthday, I had celebration with my ex colleagues and buds. We had dinner at Mario & Luigi, Bangsar. I never knew there was a row of shops in that secluded area. Located at unassuming enclave of Lorong Kurau, Bangsar, this Italian fine dining restaurant is inspired by simplicity and immaculate focus on high quality ingredients.

Verdict? The food was okay, nothing to shout about but what I enjoyed the most was the quality time with them. Though there was a celebrity next table but we couldn't bother much. She should approach me to take a picture with the diva.

Casarecce with lamb ragu and arugula leaves

The birthcake is brought to you by Elevete Pastisserie. It was superb! You can check its wide array of patries at its Facebook

Last but not least, with my Diva Group. It was simple dinner at Japanese Casual Restaurant Watami. Though it was simple but at least we enjoyed our bitch feeding. I love my Diva Group coz they are bitchy enough but yet they look after each you. And what I like about them is that they never reveal their bodies coz they could afford to buy clothes to clad. 

Before I end my note, for many times when I'm single, I would long for a boyfriend to celebrate my birthday with me. This year is a little bit different coz I don't need one. I have my lovely friends for this celebration and I could not ask for more.

I can't deny some people were missing in picture and not even a birthday wish from them. It's okay. Maybe people were busy or I was meant to be forgotten. It's okay.

To show my gratitude for those who made my birthday so memorable, this song is for all of you:

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