Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jealous Much

I was left dumbfounded after watching the lavish personal life of Dato' Sweri Dr Hasmizah or better known as Qu Puteh. She has 17 houses or should I say mansions in Ipoh alone. Not forgetting her cars and endless bags and jewellery.

Some of the items she never uses it. Why? She bought it just for the sake of having it -"Asalkan ada".

I don't see her as showing off, she worked hard and she earned all the fortunes. What she is having now is an accomplishment. 

So ask myself what would I be if I'm filthy rich like her. I guess I'll buy a lot of houses around the world - London, Hong Kong and definitely New York! 

Imagination could take you very far but once you wake up, it's rather a sad place we're living in. We're constantly checking out people's assets. As checking goes extreme, we might end up living in jealousy. 

Talking about checking out people, I came across this acquittance of mine in Facebook. My gosh, he complained that he had resort to sit in economy class instead of business class for his Europe trip. Bitch please, I don't even have a chance to set my feet off from Asia continent! 

Yup, you and I will never be satisfied of our assets. The world seems not enough for us. As our assets seem minimal for materialistic eyes, people will be judgemental towards us and shun us off. 

Come on, you and I have came across these people before. As they see you live in minimal kinda lifestyle, they will look down on you. Trust me, there will be no second meeting up after that. 

Wait..wait...give me a moment here...I need to find a plastic bag... I wanna vomit...I feel nausea when I recall these kinda people. 

Who cares anyway. My life is my own race track. I don't compete with others. Sometimes I can't tell if I'm dealing well with life these days or I just don't give a shit any more. Really, I don't have time for judgemental people. Particularly the ugly ones.

If people are being judgemental towards you, remember this: their ass must get jealous of all shit that comes out of their mouth. 

If your friends around you are constantly bragging how many men want them, just remember: the cheapest prices attract the most customers. 

Moving along, what if you don't have physical assets? Build asset on your body, flaunt your body in your Facebook and regain self-confidence through number of likes. I know I'm going to hell for saying this.

For those who like to show their body off in Facebook, I can't deny your body is making you sexy. Your dazzling smile is making you gorgeous. But you can't have beauty if you don't have personality. Though I don't have the body nor the dazzling smile but  I believe I have the personality. Come on, I'm smart and witty.

So this coming Valentine, I want to be Cinderella as she never asks for Prince Charming - all she wished for was a dress to attend a party lol

Good night everyone and my entry tonight is pointless.