Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016: Fun

As the clock struck 12, cheers from the crowd at The Curve reached its fever pitch. It was cheers for new hope and new aspiration for 2016. And of course, the cheers for fireworks.

The firework display was magnificent though it was short-lived for ten minutes. The firework display does reflect our lives, the outburst of colours in our lives are short-lived. So cherish the sights in our lives while it last.

I shouldn't be so emo since it is my first entry of 2016.

Generic question for every New Year for everyone: What's your resolution?

I have none, honestly. I'm not being aimless here. You see resolution for me is just a cliche thingy for every New Year, it never works for me. I don't want my whole damn year be confined to my promises which I blindly make in the beginning of the year.

Our lives change every single day - therefore, our resolution might be irrelevant in coming days or even months later in the year.

The other thing is, whatever resolutions I make, it won't be materialize. Even I made resolutions for 2016, I think I will keep it for myself. I don't want to be a jinx here.

The bottom line is I just want to have fun in 2016 since previous year was a disaster. All I want to do is to have some fun and go cray.

I rather not to use the word 'happy' because happiness for me has a deeper and profound meaning. The word 'happy' denotes contentment. You think a person like will be contented? Nope.

My friends wished me that I could get a significant person this year. I want to but it doesn't I need to. I prefer to come naturally. If he appears in my life this year, it will be blessing, if not, it will be blessing too as it proves how strong I could be without anyone in my life (though I wish I could put my head on someone's shoulder sometimes).

There you have it guys, my first entry of the year.

If you had a terrible year in 2015, I could assure you that those hard times are gone. We still can keep holding on.

Happy New Year to all of you and have a great year ahead!

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