Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bersih 3.0: 1Malaysia Rakyat Diabaikan, Kekejaman Diutamakan

Though we celebrated the success of Bersih 3.0, but as the days unfold, we are enraged by the brutality of the police forces and the ugly truths.

Why the police fired chemical laced water and tear gas?

The blame game is still going on until today. The rally went really smoothly and peacefully until police fired water cannon and tear gas. What triggered them to do so? Datuk Ambiga had reminded the participants not to break the law by breaking the barrier at Dataran Merdeka. Somehow, some of the participants remove the barbwires and entered the forbidden square and the rest, hell broke loose.

Were those really genuine participants or hired provocateurs by God knows who party? Look, we have seen provocateurs at Himpunan Hijau for Lynas in Penang, Umno Youth members on motorcycles circled the PKR headquarters and a mob of some 60 thugs attacked students encamped at the Dataran Merdeka, it would be no surprise that those who broke the law were hired provocateurs. Maybe the rally went so smoothly, so it irked the provocateurs to break the barricade so the police could take action on the participants to put the rally in bad light. You see, the police could take action as soon as the Bersih participants gathered on the eve of 428, but why they only took action as soon Datuk Ambiga declared the event was over and declared the rally as resounding success?

What if the participants really did break the barricade? They should be brought to justice for breaking the law. No matter how crappy the law is, it is still a law. The overwhelming cheering followed by the presence of Anwar, it is definitely a great drive to induce the frontliner to break the law.

As of yesterday, the mainstream media blamed Anwar for fracas at the rally. Apparently, he was captured to give some gestures to Azmin Ali . The gesture to break the barricade or to negotiate with the police? We don’t know.

Di mana Perdana Menteri?

So the million dollar question, where was our PM during the Bersih 3.0 rally? He was in Kuching. Look, the rakyat was brutally beaten and punished on the street and he with his cohorts at crappy Jelajah Janji Ditepati (Jelajah Rasuah Ditepati –more like it)

Police brutality reached highest level

Rakyat diabaikan, kekejaman di utamakan.

Why don’t we stop to pay our taxes and let them know who the boss is. Honestly, my Facebook is loaded with police brutality videos in youtube – I dare not to open even single one. Why? Because i cant afford to see my fellow Malaysians beaten up for practising freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, which guaranteed by our federal constitution.

The overturned police car mystery

I guess many have watched the police car rammed Bersih 3.0 participants at Sogo but many questions left unanswered. Why the policeman swirled to the right into the pedestrian? On purpose or the broken windshield obstructed his vision or he was a newbie and too afraid of the protestors?
Who was the guy in the helmet and why the protestors beat him up? Hired provocateur or protecting the police from being beaten? Why the car was overturned? Apparently, there was a man shouting “Ada orang kat bawah!!”, I guess there was a victim really trapped underneath the car. But what so strange here is, when the car was overturned, there was no people underneath the car.
Anyhow, what we could witness here is that the protestors were protecting the police driver from being beaten from other protestors. They were fired tear gas on us and we were then one who protected them!

Police in disguise

That Indian guy has become the star in Facebook. Policemen disguised as Bersih participants to catch the protestors, sick right? According to Zaharin, Secretary of UMNO BANDAR TUN RAZAK disclosed that a secret pact was made where the police were divided into to forms, one in the police attire while 2,000 police personnel were dressed in Bersih T-shirts to look as their supporters.

Pound those media 

Freedom of press comes with a price in Malaysia. Yes, you would be beaten up for practising freedom of press. Strange, Najib recently announced that the media would be given more freedom. I guess they have fallen into his trap. According to a joint statement by the editors and journalists from major news outlets:

•One journalist suffered head injuries when attacked by the crowd;
•One journalist, assaulted by police, was feared to have suffered broken ribs;
•Two journalists were arrested by police while on duty;
•Several journalists reported being attacked by police;
•A female journalist was manhandled by several male police;
•Photographic equipment was smashed or destroyed;
•Data storage cards of journalists’ cameras were removed and destroyed; and
•Journalists were ordered not to take photographs of police actions.

Distorted news coverage

I don't really blame media for its distorted news as the editors were really pressured by the authority to put the rally in negative light. Honestly, I didn’t touch or even watch mainstream media for these few days as I’m afraid it would anger me more. Until today, I still couldn’t believe that there are people who still believe in mainstream news. To infuriate me further, I had this comment in FB: Polis tk bat apa2 tpi ahli perhimpunan yg bertindak kasar, u tk tngok dlm brita or srat khbar? If the fella were in front of me, he would receive my tight slap.

Unintelligent Comments

I don’t mean to be bitchy but gosh, some people (even ministers) are dim-witted like katak di bawah tempurung

“Street rally is not our culture” – UMNO pioneered street rally during British occupation to protest Malayan Union, so this is not our culture? They have demonstration regularly in Penang, so that’s okay?

“Street rally will tarnish country image” – Citizens in US and UK have street demonstration regularly, so the mentioned countries are really in negative light?

“Street rally will jeopardize country economy” -  Street demonstration is a norm in US, UK and Japan, so the mentioned countries are facing economy crisis?

Despite the cruelty and lies in the media, but what is proven through Bersih 3.0 is that Malaysians had matured and brave enough to stand up for what’s right for them. We were not alone in Kuala Lumpur as the Malaysians around the world united as one!

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