Thursday, May 17, 2012

St.Michael's : Homecoming

For past seven years, I always wanted to make a trip back to my school, St. Michael’s Institution Ipoh  but didn’t have the chance to do so until my school opened up for the fun fair carnival in conjunction with the 100th anniversary. 

Yes, I’m from St. Michael and I’m proud of it. I’m proud of its gothic building, I’m proud of its Michaelian spirit , I’m proud of its dedicated teachers, I’m proud of its drama play long history and I’m proud of every single aspect of this school.

Anyway, I wasn’t interested in the fun fair part as I was dead tired to walk under the sun thanks to the Bersih rally on the previous day in KL.

Anyhow, it was a gush of good old memories flooded my mind once I stepped on the ground of my school. I spent 13 years in this school and, indeed,  it was my second home during my younger days. 

Let me give you a short narration on my trip back to my school.

My daily morning assembly ground. More like bitching ground for me coz this is where the students would gather and had their morning chat before the bell rings.  I still could recall that during PE period, I would do my unfinished homework at the side here..erm, more like copying my friends’ work.

My badminton court aka after recess assembly ground. So this is where we got the scolding or even detention under the hot sun sometimes. The most behave class would line up in the shaded area = )

Hallway at mainblock. I kinda hate this hallway actually as I was the class monitor (humbly, I had been class monitor from Form 3 to Upper 6 consecutively) , and since my class was at the end of the block, so I had to walk a long long way to the staff room.
My class..i miss the girls to bits!

 Very rare you would find me at school library. I hate books! Not being bitchy but the library was bit stuffy back then, I’m not sure about now.

 It is also a very rare occasion you would find me at school canteen as well because I was and still a slow eater and 20 minutes is not enough for me to have a proper meal.

I also managed to catch up with my former teachers as well in this visit. Though they are aging but their dedication in teaching and guiding me will never age and always be remembered and cherished.

I do admit that I had this label as “Teachers’ Pet”. Well, I didn’t really care much about the label because I did pretty much to earn that favouritism from my teachers lol. Nah, maybe I was the monitor for so many years, so inevitably I would be in the preferred clan.

Seriously, when I met few of my former teachers, they remembered my face and they remembered that I was the class monitor. Gosh, it was heartwarming catching up with my teachers – to know the latest development and progress of the school, the students, the achievements– it was like a real homecoming.

Definitely, I will make myself available in July to attend the school drama. I’m not sure about the grand OMA dinner at school field in September as I still don’t have much info on it. The latest news I have is that the 200 tables are all sold out and they are adding another 100 tables in which more than 100 people are in the waiting list. Aiks!

All the best to my school in 100 years to come and the michaelian spirit never dies!
Sons of St. Michael’s Valiant and True!

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