Sunday, May 13, 2012

The meaning of my life is she

It’s really ludicrous that my FB timeline is bombarded with Mother’s Day wishes and messages like I Love You, mom! Mother, you are the queen of my heart and etc – but the postings really make me wonder; how many mothers have a Facebook account to read those postings?

Anyway, one simple question for you in conjunction with Mother’s Day – How does your mother inspire you throughout your life?

For me, it’s a lot. But I wanna share with you the most recent and defining one.

I know when I broke up with my ex, the first person in my mind was my mother. Well, what she has been gone through was insurmountable and what she has been gone through has made her as a true superwoman. She simply augurs the saying: “You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice”

Initially, it was end of the world for me when the person I loved so much initiated his determined decision to just ditch me. The pain thereafter was more than I could bear. There was neither anticipation nor even hope for my path ahead. Amidst the hopelessness, I failed to realize there was one person around me that I should look up to.  

It was my mother. Aside from showering me with her dedicated and devoted love, she also shows me how to be tough.  I don't think any woman or even me could persevere like she does.

Through her inspiration, I realized that breaking up was just a small matter. She really teaches me how to be positive and optimistic to walk on the long and winding road that never guarantees lifetime happiness. Though she doesn’t have a Mona Lisa’s smile but her smile embodies strength, that strength which I would take a long time to exemplify. If I ever put her smile on my face, I think I wouldn’t be this weak right now.

Even it takes a lifetime, I know it couldn’t repay the amount of her sacrifices and her love to raise me through the rough and ready years. Her laughter and her tears are all my souvenirs that always keep in my heart.

Thank you. Happy Mother’s Day!

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