Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lasting treasure or just a moment's pleasure?

Gee, most of my friends who used to be single and they are gradually taken away every now and then.

Honestly, I’m more than happy to see my friends get attached. You know, to love and to be loved mutually is like a gift from above that you have to wrap it everyday. It is like fairy tales story for me whenever my friends talk about their silly courtship and how their lover pamper them and how their lover bully them sometimes. I really wish I could have a love story to share with my friends but unfortunately my love story is filled with disasters. So it’s better for me to keep my mouth shut to avoid kill joy moment. 

Not to say to throw cold water at them (they have my best wishes), but sometimes I wonder why they can easily get hooked up and find their lover so fast? A hasty decision for the sake of being attached or fate really brought them together?

Aside from my standard question “Who’s that guy?” I would ask them how long you know that guy.
Typical answers: two weeks, one week – even two days.

Sometimes, I really wonder how well you know that person until you need to rush for a relationship with him, do you think you are having a stranger as your lover. I know our decision is obscured by our feeling. When the feeling is so strong, you will ignore any shortcomings about that person and hook up with him.
Why bother about future for what matter the most is now?

Not being sarcastic but I really do admire their guts. Really, don’t care about the future and compatibility, what matter most is the feeling and try out the relationship. How I wish I can have this “try out” concept so I can try anything in between. Nevertheless, I don’t have courage to do so cause  fragile heart of mine doesn’t have any more room to be hurt again.

I really wonder how they could take the risk of being hurt to jump into a relationship without knowing that person. Taking the risk to have a lasting treasure or hook up with someone for a moment’s pleasure?
Lasting treasure, my ass. Seriously, there is no such thing called everlasting love in gay relationship unless you prove me wrong. It will be great if the relationship could last for a year but sadly and hardly, not many could even past the one year mark. Really, just like the gay official colours, an everlasting love in gay relationship is like a rainbow, it deceives you with a vision as it is only an illusion. Unless , you are  one hell of a lucky one who could have the everlasting love. 

I guess some many hearts are left broken until we have given up on love and relationship. We were hurt and we were disappointed until we have lost the faith in love. That’s why you could see so many sluts in gay circle. That’s no hope in true love, only moment’s pleasure lingers in this circle. The moment pleasure is like medication for the lost and it is like a temporary bandage for a broken heart.

Good, everyone is attached or attaching. Well, for me, I’m still holding my silence - 但那個人已經不是我


  1. Hello, I came here because I'm a huge Jay fan as well (though just his first few albums, really) - and this song is my all-time favourite. I still remember his first concert in KL, just me and my best friend, amongst a sea of schoolgirls...

    Anyway just wanted to tell you to keep up blogging. I may not quite agree with everything you say but at least you have an honest opinion, unlike most people your age.

    As for the love thing...well you seem a bit too young to be cynical. You can't really fault your friends for instant hookups and mistaking it for love. I know some people who've turned one night stands into 7 years and going strong.

    I don't know if there's everlasting love, in gay or straight relationships. Nobody knows, and nobody can assure you or give you examples of this.

  2. Hey hey thanks. I never get tired of jay though his songs are at his best like last time.

    For gay relationship wise, I really don't know of what is true and what is superficial. Maybe I have let myself down so many times, that's why my perspective is rather gloomy = (