Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wide Open Spaces

Before I start my entry, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all my friends for their concerns over the passing of my grandma.

I had a very very long week last week. Barely had enough rest, I was in Kelantan on Monday followed by Pahang on Thursday for events in the east coast. Seriously, I just had like four hours of sleep just to catch the earliest flight. And God knows why KL airport were built so far away and travelling to airport back and forth was really really tiring. Had few hours of sleep, then running like a mad guy under the hot sun to coordinate the event then fly back to KL – I really wish there was someone at the arrival hall waiting for me and just drive me home. Nah, Alvin is independent enough.

Well, I was kind in the good mood to complete the east coast events without my boss following me as I prove myself I could handle event on my own and with my colleague, but never knew, my joy was overshadowed with the passing of my grandma the next day.

Honestly, until now, I still could not accept the fact that she has gone forever. All things happened like so fast. It is like another half of me has been taken away.

But the incidents last week have taught me a valuable lesson. In Chinese saying –“Tei hoi dit” (direct translation: see in wider scope); I think it’s time for me to be open up, don’t hold any qualms, cherish people around me and just be happy for myself for as long as I’m living on this earth.

I do admit my close friends are having hard time to please me for being a diva. Really, I’m very demanding person and sometimes my favour turns to request then eventually turns to demand-so my friends have to please me all the time. Sometimes my demands were beyond their capabilities. However, after conducting charity events at orphanage homes, I believe I have gone too far. You see,they are living without their parents and their shelter and their solace is the orphanage home. I believe most of the urban kids nowadays are equipped with ipad for their entertainment but looking at the orphans, the whole children need to share a set of tv for their entertainment. 

Indeed, they really taught not to demand so much. I should stop complaining and be contended for what I have as they are many people out there who are still struggling just to have basic needs in life.
I know i’m keeping whining about my so called relationship or the almost relationship. Seriously, it’s just love, no big deal right? I know when you have trouble relationship or you are dating with a jerk, there are two subsequent scenarios: either you kill yourself to make him feel regret for his whole life or you kill him so another jerk can be vanished from this earth.

Come on, just let it be. Don’t create any domestic violence. 

Really, we were raised with so much love by our parents then why we let someone mistreat us? Didn’t we waste our parents effort in raising us up? 

My grandma loved me to bits, so I don’t think I will disregard her love by letting anyone to hurt me or treat me as a trash. I hope for those who are reading this and you are mistreated, just dump him/her. You deserve better. Don’t disappoint your parents’ love for you.

After all these, I think I need a break for soul searching. Maybe I should take a long leave and travel alone. Yes, I always want to travel alone as it sounds sexy = P

I’m not sure the promised The Happiest Place on Earth trip is on or not, if it’s not on, it’s okay with me because whenever I feel anticipated to go there, I know it will end up in disaster.

I don’t really care much for relationship now as July is coming real soon = )

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