Thursday, May 3, 2012

what’s been and gone

When I was a kid I thought, I wanted all the things that I haven’t got but I learned the hardest way as I grew older.  The beauty that I used to have and I adored so much had lost its way.
Things are not beautiful as it seems right now.
People are aging as they move along. They no longer give much care and love as they no longer have the ability to give. I can’t do anything much for I don’t have the ability to give that care and love either. I know I will never change what’s been and gone.
Thinking I could be silent as the days go by, but the voice from outside are getting stronger and stronger until it pushes me to the edge.
What about the little nest for this little flightless bird like me?  The little nest is just my temporary home. It gives me happiness and company but I know it will be taken away someday.
I should kudos to myself for faking my smile and shine that fake smile but all I know is that I’m dying inside.
I hope someday, I would see those faded stars again

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