Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cautious when love comes too close

Anyone of you have this so called relationship that you guys are really close (up to hold hands and well, need I say more?) until you believe that you and him will be together eventually but things couldn’t work out in the end? 

To say the least you, making a fool of yourself. 

Trust me, I was that fool for so many times, so need not to be shy to admit yourself that you are one of them.

You see, we were born with the natural talent to deceive ourselves. Really, when someone is so your type pops up in your life, definitely, you will fall head over heals with that very special someone. Every moment you spent together with him is like a fairy tale. Even slightest action of his will easily melt your heart. As your heart is melting so as your rationality. Your really don’t care that if that person is just mere flirting with you or he is serious to develop the relationship even further. Come on, you had the time of your life hanging out with him and you enjoy every bits of seconds of it, you don’t really bother whether he would give you a recognition or acknowledgment being a lover for what is matter the most at the moment is just have some fun.

Okay, I know it’s like a paradise that someone you are interested in is closer and closer to you. You believe that  you have found that someone. Even I have those moments. Honestly, I really do enjoy those moments with many people but my happiness is overshadowed by fear. As I’m afraid that sooner or later, I will lose him and lose all the moments with him. Like I say, enjoy while it last.

I guess it will be a dream comes true when that person takes you as his or her lover. What if not?
It can be painful or else you are very strong person and move on with your life. For my case, I rather feel angry. Angry until the fire in my heart reaches fever pitch.

You will be lost in the middle of nowhere when you lose that someone. You hate to learn that things have changed and aint the same like before. You keep checking your phone whenever your phone seems so quiet. You keep checking his last seen in Whats App. You try to make yourself available as you thought he would date you.  You try to lock up your heart and don’t let any others to get near you as you foolishly reserve that very spot in your heart just for him. You would take out your phone and flip the photos over and over again that you taken together and recall those moments together.

Ghost of worries will haunt you since you are so afraid he has someone else.

Sad right? 

You don’t hold any reservation or any hesitation when you are treating for those who you fell into. You don’t even ask anything in return as you believe it is all worth it. You believe that someday he will realize that there is a person who treats him so good, perhaps have a little try for a relationship. 

Wake up. The only return you have is a “jackass” label on your forehead.

P/S: You probably think this entry is all about you right? 

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