Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm your hell, I'm your dream

Sometimes the pains are just ain’t enough. Thought you recovered but  in fact, you didn’t. You still move on with your life with misery.

Actually, there are two schools of thoughts for this situation. Either you be the good innocent girl and continue to emo and praying hard that he will change and stop hurting you. Or be a bitch and fuck the hell of that person.

Seriously, karma takes too long. Do it right now and fuck the person right!

Have you ever asked yourself why we should be the one who gets hurt?  Why not we go out and be heartless and hurt all the people that interested in us?

Sounds nasty right? 

Really, I really wish I could get some advice from the heartbreakers on how to be a jerk.
Maybe I say too much, maybe just push him at the edge and watch him die. Seriously, it will be a wonderful scene if I could gather his ex(s) and watch him suffer.

Hmmp, physical pain won’t last long, I’m looking more on emotional pain that could break one’s heart since broken heart moves along with time.

How to break a heart?

I have been wasting my whole damn life to win one’s heart in which ensued by disasters.
Maybe I should get close with an innocent soul. Date him. Flirt with him.Treat him nice – you know to create a situation that almost relationship kinda relationship to make him feel as if he is so precious like he is the only guy in my whole damn world. So when he has fallen head over heels, just tell him “Sorry, I’m just mere flirting with you to past my time. Move on” …ouch, that’s hurt but I like it! - From precious honeypot to trash smelly garbage, how wonderful.

Alternatively, asking what are you doing or where are you has become a flirty norm conversation, then I gradually make my reply short and precise and eventually shoot him this -  “What I do is none of your business!” – in your face!

Now we are living in the age of FB, so we can break one’s heart via Facebook as well. How? Errm, maybe initially you always comment and be flirtatious religiously on his postings and gradually you stop commenting on his postings and heavily comment on other guys’ posting. Jealousy hurts sometimes.

Or should I break one’s promise that meant so much for that person. Really, just pretend that you are so into something that  he loves it so much but in the end you just break the promise “I can’t make it”….ouch
Enough say, just be Angelique in the Dark Shadow, curse the whole damn family for generations! Gosh, I love Eva Green so much in the movie!!!! Seeing her is like seeing myself…

P/S: Please don’t be so vain, this entry is not about you 

Disclaimer: I am a good girl, please don’t be misunderstood and no boys were harmed throughout this entry. Thank you


  1. Awww! Bad Alvin! That's the reason u flirt me, u want to trash me into garbage in the end! :x


    Pls switch off the comment verification! It's annoyed~ lol

  2. nope...i'm planning to be your loyal driver = P